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1 Reference documents during the normal course of business operations must be repeated periodically processed. Many of which a large number of individual elements. To minimize the errors of input and data entry, the system offers several solutions for repetitive document posting. The chapter deals with the understanding of the reference documents. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of each type of reference document. Create any type of reference document
2 Solutions for repetitive messages recurring documents such as documents represent assignment COMPLEX POSTING LIVE HOW TO ENTER accounting model
3 Do not change recurring document (repeated entry) publication of Key Account Amount
4 Plaintiffs Document (duration of booking) Process Steps 1) Enter the data 2) Run the recurring booking 3) Input Batch Run (accounting document is created)
5 Recurring Document (input recurring) Features
Example 6 documents the characteristics of a sample document: only the amounts can post cannot be changed to Doc test itself can only be used in an actual good may be added, was not a balanced voice a special type of document (X2)
7 Income Allocation Model Features: Flexible all fields can be edited items, more than one can be used at a time to add, must not be completely user nominated
8 The flexibility of the model to account assignment head PK Account Amount Item 1 2 1500 items xxxxxxxxxx 50 40 1500 Account Assignment model ( template ) can be modified copy header account PK Amount Item 1 Articles 2 xxxxxxxxxx 50 3000 40 3000 accounting document
9 Path Account Assignment Model Document Entry Menu Press the Button writing identification code "00" or account assignment model PK Company Account Currency Amount Item 1 2 1500 items xxxxxxxxxx 50 40 1500
10 Different models of an assignment document Assignment Model 1 Model 2 Model 2 Model 3 Model 4 Assignment models of manual input document
11 Model accounting for enjoying the publication Characteristics: Does not allow custom screens all fields can be modified items can be added to more than can be used at a time should not be completely user nominated
12 Other solutions for repetitive ads 2 Hold / Set Data Hold: data from the previous transaction failed and can be changed set: the data of the previous transaction failed and cannot be changed before Post with a reference document similar the number of the document has been booked previously known

13 Reference Documents - Table of Contents Chapter Keywords: reference documents recurring document (recurring Entry) Test document assignment allocation model template Hold / Data Set...