Asset Explorer

Asset Explorer


This function shows every one of the values of a collection asset, which includes APC ideals and accounting allowance, inside a variety of forms and summarization levels. Planned values are displayed, in addition to values already posted. You utilize this function to show and analyze asset values.
The asset value display offers some similar functions. However, as opposed to the asset value show financial transaction, the actual Resource Explorer offers elevated clarity through its overview tree and use of tabs. The asset value show, alternatively, features a broader scope of functions (see below).


The Asset Explorer is made up of the:
•Header, the spot where you say hello to the company code and asset number
•Overview tree, through which you are able to navigate between different depreciation areas
•Overview tree in which displays objects connected with the asset
•Tab, for the reason that you simply analyze plan valuations and posted values making use of different parameters, and compare fiscal many years’ depreciation areas
The actual Resource Explorer uses ALV Grid Management because of its table display. Countless uses for flash to stipulate the belongings in the columns, by way of example. For additional information on employing this application, make personal reference to the particular SAP-Library and pick BC - ALV Grid Control.


Combined with company code and main asset number, it's also possible to say hello to the asset sub-number here. Make use of the   and   http://sapficoonlinetrainingindia.blogspot.comicons to navigate to be able to fiscal years.

Overview Tree for Depreciation Areas

Discover the push button higher than the overview tree, or even the   Display master data function, to achieve the display transaction for asset master data. To navigate between depreciation areas inside the overview tree, simply select the depreciation area you would like. Icons reveal the species of depreciation area. The   icon indicates a proper depreciation area, as well as the   icon indicates a produced accounting allowance area

Overview Tree for Related Objects

The equipment automatically mission to find objects in connection with the asset, similar to cost centre, equipment, G/L account, and demonstrates them within an overview tree. Because of this overview tree, you are able to jump straight away to be able to the display transaction belonging to the given master data.

TabPlan ValuesValue Display

Of the routine values tab page, the equipment demonstrates all transactions impinging on exchange and production costs, all depreciation calculated with the asset (including proportional value adjustments), the World Wide Web book value, and then for any interest calculated. Expenses at the outset of the season appear opposite the existing planned values for that end of the season, and then for any changes are indicated. For every single method of depreciation, you can observe the accumulated depreciation out of the last closed fiscal year (balance at the start of 4 seasons), along with the planned accounting allowance with the current economic fiscal 12 months. Your computer displays investment support procedures, stores, and revaluation independently coming from purchase and production costs.
Select Recalculate depreciation to trigger a recalculation of planned depreciation with the displayed asset.

Display of Depreciation Calculation

Decide on a value and select Depreciation calculation to look at the depreciation calculation.
In a great many cases it's not necessarily immediately clear how individual depreciation values were calculated, as a consequence of complex depreciation terms and asset transactions. The equipment, for that reason, means that you can obviously begin to see the origin of asset values by identifying the different amounts of the calculations and depreciation terms involved. You can obtain detailed, step-by-step more knowledge about the calculated asset values, per fiscal year, for every depreciation area, depreciation category along with asset transaction.

The equipment displays the APC balance at the outset of the season, along with the planned depreciation. Additionally, the computer lists all changes towards valuation on the asset through the current fiscal year, combined with the corresponding alterations in the planned annual depreciation.
To showcase a hierarchical structure (depreciation trace) that shows all routines that had been called while in the calculation of depreciation, pick the   Routines icon. Expand the tree structure to observe the most significant parameters.
The Display depreciation calculation function automatically performs a recalculation of depreciation and displays the particular person steps. As a consequence of write accesses towards database, this function requires far more time compared to the Recalculate depreciation function, particularly for assets which has a large numbers of line items (by way of example, assets being built). Instead you can select to accomplish the depreciation trace, featuring a directory internal processing steps, for a later moment in time. Use report RATRACE0. Each person can load the modern depreciation trace in the database.
By double simply clicking the routines, you may display this course code inside the editor. This is often beneficial in to set breakpoints prior to using the debugger. This function needs to be used only by experienced users.
Analysing the depreciation trace is a good idea for locating errors. By way of example, if unexpected depreciation amounts appear, the main cause can be frequently in the range of periods thought about or perhaps in the bottom value. The depreciation trace could also often concentrate on the reasons behind reduced values (for instance, each time a value is underneath the cut off value, or in the event the net book value within a derived depreciation area gets the wrong positive/negative sign).

Document Display

Go with a transaction line and select   Display FI document to be able to begin to see the connected record around Financial Accounting.
Posted Values
Around the Published ideals tab page, a person exhibit expenses which have recently been posted in Financial Accounting with the current economic year, as an alternative to planned depreciation. The Accounting allowance posted/planned kitchen table shows a breakdown of depreciation by period. The status indicates whether or not the depreciation continues to be only planned or was already posted.


•You can show the growth and development of values within a depreciation area over the period of time available as a table.
•In addition, you are able to display the introduction associated with values in lots of depreciation around parallel. Make use of the amount pushbuttons to select additional depreciation areas. Select a number pushbutton a second time to get rid of that depreciation area through the table.


The genuine Parameters tab page contains information for instance the accounting allowance key, useful existence and directory requirements utilized.

More Functions

•You may   Contact asset reports (by way of example, resource list, asset history sheet).
•You can select   Translate currency comes down to possess the system translate currencies. In the event you call reports in Asset Accounting immediately after applying this perform, the reports are displayed inside currency you're considering, as are usually expenses in the particular Asset Explorer.


The actual capabilities beneath are only able to be practiced inside the asset value display transaction currently:
•Breakdown of group assets
Customizing with the asset value display function (short texts for value fields or perhaps the reports which can be called straight from the part) hasn’t any relation to the Asset Explorer.
 These functions will probably be integrated inside the Asset Explorer in the later release.


Start the Asset Explorer and enter an agency code as well as a fixed asset.