Assign Company Code To Controlling Area

Assign Company Code to Controlling Area

The actual subsequent action brings you how you can Allocate Company Code to Controlling Area in SAP CO step by step
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One Controlling Area is Assigned in order to One Company Code

The automobile and utility vehicle areas won't be independent accounting entities. In Financial Accounting, they may be only portrayed as business areas to generate internal balance sheets. This allows evaluations both for organizational areas in Financial Accounting. Joint accounting is carried out both for areas. The organization code (independent accounting unit) is a member of a new managing location. Analyses can be produced whenever you want for your car or truck and utility vehicle areas, for the reason that business area was specified by all consideration assignment objects within CO.

Multiple Company Codes Designated to One Controlling Area

The automobile and utility vehicle areas are independent accounting units. Therefore, they seem in Financial Accounting (FI) as company codes. You need to still accomplish joint comprising both areas. Because of this, the machine represents both areas available as one controlling area.
If you would like analyze the automobile and Utility Vehicle areas on price accounting, then you'll need include things like this when defining cost centers (by way of example, by creating separate cost center groups for your Car and Utility Vehicle areas).
1. To assign one or more company codes to a controlling area, go to the Implementation Guide (IMG) and select Managing? Business? Maintain Controlling Location.
1. To assign company codes to an existing controlling location, choose a controlling location.
•Choose Assign company code(s).
•Choose new entries.
Should you assign a new few companies signal to at least one controlling location, then you'll need to make note of the subsequent:
•You want to use a regular chart of accounts
You have in order to treat every cost component (in most company codes) very much the same (for example, as being a primary cost element, or as a possible accrual cost element).
In Financial Accounting, you may also make use of country-specific charts of accounts.
•The surgical fiscal 12 months variants within the company codes must match the fiscal year variants within the controlling area.
•You should execute period-end closing in managing for many organization codes simultaneously. Separate period-end closing with regard to each and every company code might be too time-consuming.
You are able to only execute period-end shutting for just a shared controlling location once closing is finished in Financial Accounting.
•If you intend to calculate plan prices automatically, you have to hold back until planning is finished.
The program simply content getting back together postings across company codes without tax, meaning that it wouldn't automatically create invoices.
For tax reasons, cost flows (which are cross-company code) to managing are only able to be passed onto Financial Accounting in the event the company codes form an internal company with Florida sales tax.
•If you would like to prevent cross-company code postings in managing, you'll need to generate a detailed authorization concept.
•Retrospectively excluding a business code in another SAP system or client, requires additional time and compared with cost accounting by company code.
•If you merely play one controlling area, it is possible to don't use anything but one operating concern.
•You'll be able to simply show profit center proportion in a controlling area.
•You are only able to use transfer prices inside a controlling area
controlling area
Inside of following display double check out “Maintain controlling area”
maintain controlling area
Choose the company that assign to controlling area and click on the organization code about the left-hand corner.
assign company code to controlling area
Select new entries increase the organization code as well as push key in to continue
Assignment of company codes

Check out save icon in order to save the information. Effectively you might have Assign Organization Code in order to Handling Area.