Asset Transfer


Make use of inter company asset transfer, an individual exchange a limited asset, or perhaps an asset component, completely to another asset master record. The mark investment really needs to be inside the exact same organization signal for the reason that sending asset. Inter company transfer could possibly be needed for among the list of right after reasons:
•An asset was developed within the wrong asset class. When an individual cannot affect the asset class inside the asset master data, you need to transfer the asset to a fresh master record.
•You separate a good thing or move an important part of a good thing (transfer from asset to asset).
•You negotiate a good thing being built and transfer it to some finished tool. This process is described in depth in Settlement associated with an Asset being built.
With regard to information about inter company investment exchange completely to another organization code inside of a corporate and business group, see Semi-automatic or fully automatic inter company Transfer.
With regard to information about transferring stock options materials (current assets) to some fixed investment (by way of example, installation of a replacement unit part) see Processing a Goods Issue belonging to the Warehouse


An individual configure the change in capitalization as well as accounting allowance beginning and ending dates, in addition to the change in particular field subject matter belonging to the offering towards the recipient asset, in Personalizing for Asset Data processing. Inter company Geneva Champion transfers (inside of a company code) make use of transfer variants and area exchange rules, similar to inter company transfers. You discover the Customizing methods for producing these settings (equally for different types of transfer) by selecting Inter company Asset Transfers Õ Automatic Inter company Asset Transfers.

Field Transfer

Exactly the same conditions make an application for the two different types of transfer (Intra Company and inter company) regarding field exchange and adopting specifications for capitalization as well as the depreciation start date. For additional information, observe Field Transfer.

Transaction Types and also Transfer Variants

SAP supplies standard transaction types with regard to intra company asset transfers. You may create further transaction varieties or change existing versions in Personalizing with regard to Asset Data processing (choose Transactions Transfers Define Transaction Types for Transfers).
SAP recommends that you just you could make your own transaction types inside the customer name range, with all the standard transaction types as references. Avoid changing the typical transaction types themselves.
With regard to intra company asset transfers, the machine determines the transaction varieties belonging to the transfer variant, roughly the same as it lets you do for inter company (cross-company code) asset transfers. The program default for intra company transfers is obviously transfer variant 4 (Transfer inside of a company code). However, you are able to customize the transfer variant throughout the Additional details tab page. An individual determine exchange variants, for both Intra Company as well as inter company transfers, throughout Customizing with regard to Investment Accounting. Select Transactions Õ Inter company Asset Transfers Õ Automatic Inter company Asset Geneva Champion transfers Õ Determine Transfer Variations.

Depreciation Areas

Exchange publishing derived from one of fixed advantage to an additional through the entire exact same business code can be accomplished available as one step. The prerequisites, however, for automated transfer posting are that no values (APC and depreciation) belonging to the sending asset are lost, understanding that other areas within the target asset comes with values. Here is a more in depth listing associated with what you ought to fulfill these prerequisites:
•Each devaluation portion of the sending asset, for the purpose the program determined a retirement amount, has the benefit of to generally be managed while in the target asset.
•Each non-dependent depreciation area included in the target asset has the benefit of to generally be managed while in the sending asset.
•If everyday depreciation is calculated to get a depreciation section of the sending asset, the equivalent area within the target asset has the benefit of to calculate ordinary depreciation. Precisely the same applies for special depreciation.
•The keys useful for investment support measures must correspond in every depreciation area. Exactly the same is applicable to revaluation keys.
If it's not very easy to use automatic transfer posting for these particular restrictions, you will need to manually post a retirement and then an acquisition to execute the transfer.


You may create a fresh asset through the transfer posting transaction, additionally; you could transfer with an existing asset. The program enters the amount of the delivering asset inside the target asset (around the Origin tab page).
Much like investment retirement, the intra company transfer posting procedure distinguishes between prior-year asset acquisitions and current-year acquisitions. Complete and partial transfer postings tend to be possible. Full transfers could be posted throughout one step (prior-year asset acquisitions and current-year acquisitions together). However, for partial transfers, you will need to post prior-year acquisitions and current-year acquisitions separately. Partial transfers can post by specifying an amount, a portion rate, or perhaps an amount (around the Partial transfer tab page). The machine determines the comes down to be transferred as well as the proportional accumulated depreciation in the same manner in the western world asset retirement posting.
Whenever you create a good point throughout the intra company transfer transaction, you may only jump once for the dialogue box for master data maintenance. (This is also true when making a good thing throughout the inter company transfer transaction.) To improve the proprietor data of a new asset made in using this method, you will need to commence the transaction again.