Number Ranges for Vendor Account

What is the Number Ranges for Vendor Account?

Number ranges can be defined in such a way that the system automatically generates the number when a document is created. This is known as “internal number assignment. In this, the system stores the "last number" used for a document in the “Current Issue” and the next number will open when another document is created. If you use “external dialing”, the user must enter a number each time a document is created in the system. As the user supplies each time the number, the subsequent numbering may not be sequential. Unlike an internal numbering, the system stores the "last number 'in the current program.
The numbers of a series of numbers can be either digital or alphanumeric. If the numbers are numeric, the system prefixes the number of zeros required to standardize the length of the 10-digit number. If you use the alphanumeric dialing, the number is padded with zeros to the right. If you follow the numbers year specific, “it is best not to mix numeric and alphanumeric numbering for a particular type of document in several years.
In defining the scope of vendor number, it is important to remember that the number of suppliers, number of materials can be assigned to the outside or inside. Many SAP customers choose to create different ranges of numbers for each group of accounts. This requires careful when defining the set of numbers to prevent the number of overlapping ranges.
The operation to create the provider number is included, or you can use the navigation path , accounts payable Financial Accounting Data prepared to create data providers Create number ranges for vendor accounts.
For this operation, you must enter a unique number for the range, which is defined by a two-character field, the range of numbers in your range defined number. Scope of the current number allows you to set the current number. La Posted. Field allows you to define whether the number range is external, or user-defined.
After you set the range of numbers can be assigned to a group provider accounts using the navigation path, financial accounting, accounts payable, preparation of data for creating data providers base number assigned beaches seller account groups.

The number range can be attributed to many groups seller account. Therefore, if your SAP customer decides to use one set of numbers for all providers, settings, show a range of numbers assigned to all groups of accounts.