Asset Accounting


Account reconciliation may be the planning for closing in asset accounting. That you can do account reconciliation by utilizing transaction code ABST2 or following path;

SAP Menu --> Accounting--> Financial Accounting --> Fixed Assets --> Periodic Processing --> Year-End Closing --> ABST2 - Account Reconciliation
In the reconciliation program FI-AA screen go into the company code as well as click the execute button or simply F8.
You'll be displayed having a background job run screen. Right now go into the output device name along with other details and press enter.
From the beginning time screen you must select “immediate start” and press save button.
You will be displayed with a message stating “background job scheduled for program RAABST02” From a similar display choose System--> Services--> Jobs > Job Overview
Now in simple job selection screen enter your login name as “your sap user id” and job name as “*”. And press execute or f8. {
Discover the job with program “RAABST02” and click on “spool”
After that by deciding on the job select display to show you the actual reconciliation screen. When the difference amount is showing zero you'll be able to proceed for period end closing.
When you facilitate this system SAP will reconcile the asset accounting with all the general ledger accounting.
You have to run this report before your period end closing and end of year closing.
You may get error messages if you make any asset posting while running this transaction.

How to close the fiscal year in SAP asset accounting

Utilizing transaction code AJAB you could close fiscal year for starters company code and greater than one company code. After closing a fiscal year you cannot make any posting to asset accounting. You cannot run this unless and before depreciation postings are carried out inside your asset accounting.
You should use transaction code AJAB or following way to run the transaction;
SAP Menu > Accounting > Financial Accounting > Fixed Assets > Periodic Processing > Year-End Closing > AJAB - Execute
After reaching end of year closing asset accounting screen go into the followings;
Company code Fiscal year
We suggest you to run in test mode first before your real run.
Now execute the transaction in case you have selected in test run mode. Legitimate run we recommend one to execute in background.
To complete in background select program > Execute in Background
Go into the output tool and press enter.
From the beginning time screen select immediate start and press save to run the transaction in background. After successful execution you'll be displayed having a message proclaiming that the task has already been successfully executed.
If you would like to see the job go to system > services > jobs > job overview
In your simple job selection screen you could execute the task overview by going into job name and user label as your sap user ID.
Press F8 or execute.
Choose the job with job name “RAJABS00” and select spool. Then by selecting it select display to view the job. If you are generally getting a message proclaiming that the close accomplished as yes then a fiscal year was already closed to your company code.

Opening a new fiscal year in asset accounting

You can open a new fiscal year in asset accounting for a company code. After carry forward of your closing balances it’s time to post some transaction to sap asset accounting. You cannot post transactions to sap asset accounting unless the new fiscal year is opened.
To open a new fiscal year you need to enter transaction code AJRW or following path;
SAP Menu > Accounting > Financial Accounting > Fixed Assets > Periodic Processing > AJRW - Fiscal Year Change
In the asset fiscal year change screen you should enter following;
•     Company code
•     New fiscal year
We recommend anyone to operate the transaction in test run before the real run. If you're not getting any error message and pleased while using benefits go ahead along with do a real run.
The real deal run we advise you to run it on background. You could keep to the same steps even as explained above to jog a career in background.
Your work name in running transaction code AJRW would be RAJAWE00.
Following things must become done ahead of opening new fiscal year in asset accounting;
•     General ledger end of year closing will need to have been finished
•     Depreciation in asset accounting must have been completely posted
It is not compulsory that you have to close the earlier fiscal year before closing new fiscal year. You can do even without closing the earlier fiscal year.