Defining Number Ranges For Various Document Types


The actual document quantity uniquely recognizes each deal within a fiscal year in a organization signal. These are used to determine exactly how figures are usually assigned to paperwork. This can be a easily transportable settings which may be moved by choosing Time period > Transportation from the development display. When you transportation that from a resource program to a focus on system, the actual settings present in the target system very first will get erased and the moved settings takes place of that. For every quantity variety, the following must be specific.
• A two-character code
• Period until whenever (a year worth) it is appropriate
• An period from which it will be selected and also
• Whether it will be utilized because inner or even exterior task
The actual time periods shouldn't overlap.
You are able to allocate alphanumeric figures to your own record submitting. You can do this through choosing outside task choice with the certain generation display.
Because paperwork might be held in the method to have an everlasting length of time, one must determine times which are sufficient additional element.  The actual subsequent method characteristics be sure that the quantity time periods are usually sufficient:
•     It could be described for every company code.
•     Document Nos could be until | till ten heroes lengthy.
•     Number stages could be described for every fiscal year.
It is going to be Year Primarily based meaning each year it needs to be taken care of in the actual actual method.


It could be made in SAP FI by means of purchase code FBN1 or by means of subsequent route;
SPRO --> Financial Accounting --> Financial Accounting Global configurations --> Document --> Determine Document Number range --> Determine Document Number Ranges
Couple of things is usually described even though making it within sap;
•     Interval
•     Type associated with quantity range i.e. possibly inner or outside task
It may be described separately for every record kind which is used within SAP even though submitting a purchase. To Utilize unique quantity variety we could determine and also allocate it in order to record kind even though determining that inside SAP. You are able to designate two | three quantity variety to multiple report kind however the genuine afterwards can stop being allotted to multiple quantity variety.
Just before making it you have to choose whether all the actual document types necessary various number ranges or not necessarily and also appropriately you produce and designate it.


•     Enter the actual transaction code fbn1 in the place of  
        Transaction club.
•     put your own 4 number company code id made in the  
        actual submitted “company code….”
•     click upon “change intervals”.
•     click upon “insert interval” tab on top of preserve quantity variety improvement display.
•     enter the appropriate areas and mark the “ext” for outside project or don't choose if you need it to be internal task.
•     While getting into the year filed you have to choose if the number range is going to be valid for one year or not. If you want to take a unique quantity range the coming year then you'll need to enter your present fiscal year their and whenever fiscal calendar year over you have to create another one for the actual new fiscal year. If a person don’t want that, after that key in 9999 to define it for n period of time.
To allocate your number range in order to document type you should use transaction code OBA7. You may also allocate it through subsequent route;

spro --> financial accounting --> financial accounting global settings --> document --> document header --> document type
Clone a document number range through a company code
You are able to copy the it from the resource company code to your own focus on company code with transaction code OBH1 or by means of subsequent route;

spro--> financial accounting --> financial accounting global settings--> document-->document number range --> copy to company code


It might be duplicated within one fiscal year to an additional inside a company code or inside a selection of organization signal. You can do this by utilizing transaction code obh2 or by while using above path;

Document number range is company code dependent. You have to create your own personal own company code record number range before posting any transaction in sap fi otherwise system won't | don't necessarily permit you to definitely post a transaction. Before configuration you've to plan and select with all the enterprise procedure team for development of this particular config as when these kinds of configurations are designed it’s challenging to.