Assign Tax Codes for Non-Taxable Transactions

Assign Tax Codes for Non-Taxable Transactions

With this exercise you actually determine an inbound and outgoing taxes code for every organization code, to use for submitting non-taxable transactions in order to tax-relevant accounts. Transactions posted such as this tend to be, for instance; greats problem delivery, items motion, goods receipt purchase, goods receipt manufacturing order, order accounting.


Determine tax codes for non-tax relevant transactions for every company code.
Sap offers default input tax indication V0 (input tax 0%) and A0 (output tax 0%) made in sap. Whatever required 0 input tax could be allotted to these indicators. If you would like this indicator to dedicate yourself your own property acquisition you will want to assign it for your company code. To obtain this assigned you utilize transaction code OBCL or path;SPRO àFinancial Accountingà Asset Accounting à Integration with general ledger à Assign input tax indicator for non-taxable acquisitions  Enter V0 as opposed to input tax indicator and A0 as opposed to output tax indicator upon your company code.
SAP uses these indicators whenever you post a good thing acquisition that aren't exposed to tax but they are necessary to be posted to accounts which are tax relevant
IMG à Financial Accounting à Asset Accounting à Integration using the
General Ledger Assign Input Tax Indicator for Non-Taxable Acquisitions
In this particular step, you specify an input tax indicator per company code. The machine
Then makes use of this indicator whenever you post acquisitions which are not susceptible to tax, but which can be posted to accounts that can be tax-relevant. Assign input tax indicator V0 (Input tax 0%) Assign output tax indicator A0 (output tax 0%) to company code 9100.Determine Tax Codes with regard to Non-Taxable Transactions. The examples below tutorial take you how you can Determine Tax Codes for Non-Taxable Transactions in SAP.

SAP IMG Route 

SAP Reference IMG (F5) à Financial Accounting à Financial Accounting Global Settings à Tax on sales/purchase à Postings -à Assign tax codes for non taxable transactions.
Transaction Code: - OBCLAssign Tax Codes for Non-Taxable Transactions
Choose position buttons as well as enter your company code
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Improve Input tax (V0 -- 0% input tax) as well as output (A0 - 0% Output tax) indication with regard to non-taxable transactions.Assign Tax Codes for Non-Taxable Transactions entries
Select save symbol in order to save the information. Successfully you might have assigned tax codes with regard to non-taxable transactions in SAP.