Creation of Chart of Accounts

1. Cost accounting and accounting:
You must assign a Cross-company code cost accounting is possible each company code. Costing uses this chart of accounts, namely, that the accounts of the scheme of operation of the revenue and expense accounts in financial accounting and can be cost or items of income in respect of cost accounting.
If your organization, composed of several company codes (for example, a global company) is different chart of accounts, it should be noted that accounting is only the operating chart of accounts connected. How do you organize your chart of accounts, depending on the level of the hierarchy where you want to implement cost accounting?
There are two basic methods for the organization’s chart of accounts.

Central Organization:
At Group level, a chart of accounts is defined that contains all accounts and can be used by all company codes. This chart of accounts is the Cross-company code cost accounting is possible all company codes. In order to meet the specific needs of the country, you can add an additional graphics (country-specific) List of accounts for each company code.
Cross-company code cost accounting is possible. The consolidated according to the working table of the accounts, the corporate group chart of accounts is carried out. The accountants cannot work with their own specific tables for each country of accounts.
Decentralized organization:
Each company code uses his card country-specific chart of accounts as a function of the accounts. For consolidation, the corporate group chart of accounts in addition to indicate for each company code.
 Accountants can work in their own country-specific tables of accounts. You cannot consolidate data, with the corporate group chart of accounts.
Group management accounts for country –specific Cross Central Group of companies is a corporate code of local needs Distributed Code company accounts for specific corporate group needs of the country.

2. Translating an account:
In addition to the account number of an account master record in the G / L chart of accounts contains the names of the accounts. The translation function, it is possible to account names G / L for the languages ​​you need to translate.
The translation function is particularly useful if you have a chart of accounts with a different company codes that use different languages. Since you have a chart of accounts in a language called the language maintenance, create the account names to be translated into other languages ​​required.
The account name is displayed when the publication of accounts G / L and during the account creation or modification of G / L master records. If the names have been translated, the accountants in different countries to see the name appear in the language in which they are registered in the system. If there is no translation for a particular language not sees your language maintenance when posting to the account.

Use the chart of accounts INT International, which applies to the group of companies. The corporate language is English. The English language is therefore the maintenance of the chart of accounts. They translate the name in German for the German company codes. An employee who accesses German is German; the account name appears in German when making reservations.
3. Change the ' Account List:
If you want changes in the decision-making process of the accounts , consider the following :
Change the language maintenance:
You can change the language maintenance. However, you can only language key to the languages ​​in which it has already been translated to the chart of accounts.
Deleting an account:

You can only delete a chart from the account, if you do not already have this chart of accounts is that you may have created an account G / L accounts for this plan, you have created.