Account Assignment

Account Assignment 


A reference to the input of the document, the default values ​​for accommodation booking provides shops. An account assignment model can contain any number of G / L account items and may at any time be amended or supplemented. In contrast to sample documents, the account entries G / L account assignment models may be incomplete.


When you enter your document, you can edit, add, or delete data proposed. You can also call up any number of account assignment models and to move from a model of normal registration procedure entry and return.
You can consider the assignment models assign even numbers of equivalence. In this case, you simply enter a total amount distributed then adjusted for the items within the model according to the circumstances.
Assignments models can also be used on company codes and include company codes from non-SAP systems. If you do not code, if the proposal is a company with an accounting model, the last company code.

Creating or Changing Account Assignment Models:


To create or change an account assignment model, proceed as follows:
1. In the first general ledger, accounts receivable or accounts payable menu Book ® Reference Documents ® Account Assignment Model.
2. According Enter a name for the pattern recognition. The system stores the account assignment model under this name. Select Create or change.
If you create a model of accounting, an additional field appears, in which you type the name of an assignment account. To see a list of the models, use the possible entries help. Save your entries.
3 Maintain the attributes of the allocation model account:


To enter amounts in the account assignment model, you must also enter a currency key. The model can then only be used for postings in the specified currency. If you do not want to specify amounts, leave the currency key field blank. The account assignment model can then be used for any currency.

Chart of Accounts:

If you do not want a company code that is displayed in the positions of account assignment model, but want the system to verify that there are specified accounts, you can insert a chart of accounts.

Sample text:

If you want to make an explanatory text for the accounting model is available, you can enter a text for example. Note that the text, such as the header text of the document is not language dependent.


You can limit the authorization for the award on behalf of a particular user from a group authorization.

Calculate tax:

If you select this field, the system automatically calculates your taxes at the time of booking.


Select this field if you want to distribute a total amount to several items using equivalence numbers. When you use this account assignment model, you enter an amount, which is then distributed to the items according to the equivalence numbers specified.
4 Use the Goto ® Line Item to access the screen for entering the income allocation model.
Prior to joining the voices, you have the option of placing the screen. Use Settings ® model of the screen to select a screen that fits your needs.
5 Enter the item with the print reservation data you want to beat the system.

6 Save your entries.